Friday, July 26, 2013

Fireworks shouldn't be bothering me anymore.

I am sitting here, in the dark, listening to the fireworks going off outside of the hotel here in Moody Gardens.


It's been awhile since I was around fireworks and the reverberations bouncing off of all the glass in this hotel bothers me.

PTSD can be managed and overcome. I fully believe that.

But one of the major challenges is harnessing all of the negative feelings associated with "triggers" and being able to remain calm.

I am calm enough to type, but this whole time the hair on the back of my neck is standing up and I have an overwhelming urge to throw my kit on and jump into a bird and run an air assault.

I need to back up a bit here to give everyone some pertinent info...

I am participating in the Wounded Warrior Project's Moody Gardens Family Weekend. We are bringing Wounded Warrior Alumni together to network, relax, and learn about the opportunities to better ourselves and our family members through the project.

It is always a wonderful thing when I have the opportunity to participate in WWP events. From the monthly skeet shoots, to the weekend gatherings, to the hard work of giving back to our fellow wounded warriors, the project has things for all interests.

I will be documenting my experience this weekend and attempt to share the benefits I receive as a WWP Alumni.

Tomorrow should be better.

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