Thursday, May 9, 2013


Last night was our first night reuniting as a team after a two and a half week break.

The Air Force Warrior Staff organized a visit from the USAF Academy cheerleaders and Gen. William Shelton, Commander of the US Air Force Space Command.

Feelings of excitement and joy were shared by all in attendance, and the team kept arriving even throughout the night last night due to some weather delays in other parts of the country.

This experience, for most of us, will be the ultimate sporting experience we may have in our lifetime.

We are competing at an Olympic level, in the Olympic Training Center, here in Colorado Springs.

All of the nutrition, exercise, and evening strategy sessions, are leading up to this coming week.

This time of challenge and endurance may be the defining moment in recovery for some of my teammates and I.

With my personal struggle to transition into the civilian world, this sporting event, reenforces teamwork in the truest sense. The sweat, the screaming, the injuries ... all of it now must be put on the back burner because the time to train is over.

The time to compete is here. It's time to win.

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