Thursday, May 30, 2013


Earned VA benefits are just that... earned.

They are not something to be taken lightly or simply brushed aside and not utilized because certain Veterans are personally financially successful.

When you sign up for the U.S. military, you are signing a contract that binds you to serving the federal government and with that agreement, you say you are willing to die for the cause.

You are saying that you are willing to be sent to the ends of the planet, and engage in life altering combat, in the best interest of the people of the United States.

In response, your government is agreeing to take care of you, in the event that you suffer from life altering conditions, in the performance of your duties to the nation.

But in addition to that, there are certain benefits that are made available to you, specifically because you agree to serve.

I know due to the nature of my job and speaking with Veterans everyday, that many of my brothers and sisters are not well educated on the process to file for and receive any of these benefits.

Most of us know about the medical benefits, but many also do not know about certain others, such as the VA loan, the Vocational Rehab program, or even unemployment compensation post service to carry you into the next job.

Below, I pulled the VA benefits table from their website just in case any of you have not seen it.

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