Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Second practice morning.

So I knew that I would be hurting today, but I wasn't able to predict just how much. I only slept for about two hours last night, thanks to PTSD. No nightmares, just the stress of competition combined with fear of the unknown. This type of stress is familiar to many Veterans. Those first few nights before going into a combat zone come to mind right away. You have a decision to make... be a quiet professional, calm and in control of your emotions, or you can freak out. I always chose the first option. Stress changes the way your mind works and over time has negative physical effects as well. Our practices provide us with new stressors for the freshmen, and we follow the lead of our veteran players. This new set of challenges helps me remember how exciting it was when I tried something new in the Air Force. Being in the military, while sometimes difficult, provides a person the opportunity to experience some of the most unique and challenging places on the planet. I can see the drive in all of my fellow teammates to learn and succeed; and thankfully it's contagious.

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