Monday, October 22, 2012

The Search for Home

Today began the first day of my new home search, at least for this week.

You see ... I lost out on a deal that we worked on for about a month after finding out that the property we looked at did not appraise for a value close enough to the asking price for me to actually go through with the deal. After spending time and money to negotiate 10 thousand dollars off of the asking price, the home still did not appraise for what we offered (198K offer, appraisal value of 191K).

So we realized that the home was going to be more of a problem than we originally thought at first glance. And we decided to walk away. Thank goodness for VA financing and the ability of the loan product to protect the Veteran. (It also doesn't hurt that one of my bosses is doing my loan for me.)

I must admit that going through the home buying process is pretty stressful. I have never purchased a home before, and am usually not intimidated by much (I am a combat Vet). But, I am quickly realizing that doing all of the research necessary to purchase a home is like having another full time job. Great, just what I need after getting out of the military after 12 years, having twins, and moving back to the USA after 4 years in Germany all in under 6 months!

Now I am fairly lucky with my chosen career path in public relations. I have an occupation where my actions can directly impact the lives of Veterans across the US. I have the freedom to prioritize and choose how to execute goals set by both myself and my partners in business. It is apparent to me that professional opportunities like this one do not come around often, so I do my best to juggle both work and family time, although I must admit that I am a bit of a workaholic. It is already 1130 p.m. as I sit and type this entry, but I told my coworkers earlier in the day that I would have one done after my activities this evening. And I am a man of my word.

So today's home showings with my realtor Ryan Ward from Security American Realty, went pretty smoothly. We went to a couple of properties, two to be exact, with the first one being a starkly different type of home than the latter. Both homes were over 3K square feet, but one was 3 bedrooms and the other was 5. Another stark contrast was the price... $153K to $189K respectively.

Both are filled with fairly standard builder upgrades, and both were very nice homes. But neither one of them screamed BUY ME!

I think I will know when I walk into that home and finally feel HOME.

Unfortunately, neither one of these stuck me as that place where I want to hang my proverbial hat.

On to searching for more places to bring my new twin babies home to. Tomorrow is another day.

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