Friday, October 26, 2012

Blog practice.

"Blogging" as a practice, is very new to me. I see it as some what of a diary posted in a public place on the internet, for the whole world to see. Those of you whom are more familiar with blogging already understand this concept. I'm still learning. :-)

The past two days have gone by in a bit of a whirlwind. From juggling work events and phone calls, taking care of my twins(Sophia and Dustin), to making the time to go out and house hunt, this time has flown by and I have to catch up on my posting. I will be honest with anyone reading this, this is a challenge!

I have challenged myself to write at least 6 entries a week. I have the desire to make it one per day, but maybe that isn't the best way to handle it. Maybe the best way to tell you, my reader, about my home hunting/buying experience is to just write them as I see fit throughout the week in conjunction with the major events that spawn creative thought for me.

I had a few events working with a couple of non-profits(Wounded Warrior Project and Texas Sentinel's Foundation) and a few talking to realtors about serving Veteran clients. All of which were successful and fun to participate in. Little did I know that everything negative going on with readjusting to normal life after my return from Afghanistan in the summer of 2010 would lead me to the amazingly positive place I am in today. I guess it reinforces the resilience of a military trained human to succeed at whatever we put our hands into.

I credit every second of success to my military training and the culture that was fostered by my senior leaders within the Defense Department. You see, I was given the opportunity to work in joint environments throughout a large portion of my career, and those opportunities with the Marines, Army, and Navy, helped influence what I like to call my "sense of team."

Each place I have worked, both in the military and now out, I attempt to approach in a similar fashion. Learn the key members of the team in each division of the organization. Develop relationships which enhance productivity. Learn and become familiar with each respective career fields specialty. Determine new ways where my skill set can be integrated with theirs. And hopefully, at the end of the day, this will lead to increased productivity throughout the team.

Without a team, I see people fall and stay down. Without a team, I see individual emotions rear their ugly heads and sometimes prevent mission accomplishment. I know for a fact, that I want a team, always.

Rambo is only in the movies.

I am writing about my past and my present to lead into talking about what it takes to get my family and I into a home. I have a realtor, Ryan Ward, a VA Loan Specialist, Jed Manuel, and a team of experts in the office who perform what I see is the backbone of the operation, the loan processors.

I think of the loan processors as I would a guard at the pearly gates of heaven... they know pretty much everything there is to know about the loan and you, and they are not letting you in the house till you provide everything they request. End of story! They see through the excuses and delays, and fight like tigers to make sure the rules are followed and standards are kept high. Kind of like non-commissioned officer's in the military.

Whenever any of you reading this decide that its finally time for you to buy that home of your dreams, please remember that it takes a team effort to get the best possible results. And taking care of your team, is priority one.

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